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On 30th March, 2007 I took off for a 5 month vacation to Asia. The first two months I wanted to spend on the highest mountain of the planet: Mount Everest.

On 1st April I met the rest of the team in Kathmandu. The team was made up of Samantha Larson, Dave Larson, Douglas Beall and Victor Saunders. James Kerr was coming along as well and Adam Bell (half brother of Victor Saunders) was going to accompany us to basecamp.

On 3rd April we got on an airplane to Lukla and started the Everest Basecamp trek. After 10 days, we arrived in basecamp where we continued our acclimatization. By the end of April, we reached camp 3 at 7100 m where we spent the night.

At the end of this last acclimatization trip, the team had adjusted sufficiently to the altitude to go for the summit. Due to the weather, we had to wait until 13th May before we could start with the summit push.

On 13th May, we reached camp 2. There, we rested for a day. On 15th May, we continued to camp 3. On the morning of 16th May, we climbed to camp 4 at 8000 m. After a few hours of rest, we started our final summit climb at 10pm.

At 10.15 am I finally reached the summit: the reward for many years of training and preparation.


  • Name: Everest, Chomolungma, Sagarmatha, Peak XV

  • Altitude: 8850 m

  • Location: Nepal/Tibet

  • Coordinates: 27° 59’ 17’’ N, 86° 55’ 31’’ E

  • Summit Reached: 17th May, 2007

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