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Carstensz Pyramid

Carstenz Pyramid is located in Papua. It is the highest mountain in Oceania. Of the “7 Summits”, it is the only rock climb. After Everest, I had continued my travel through Thailand, Cambodia and Indonesia. I finally arrived in Bali in the beginning of August 2007.

On 1st August, Samantha Larson, Dave Larson and Victor Saunders arrived as well. Douglas Beall couldn’t make it this time. CBS, the American television network, had sent a cameraman (Keest ‘t Hooft) along to make a documentary about Samantha.

The next day we flew from Bali to Papua and the same evening we left for basecamp at 4200 m. On 3rd August, we made an acclimatization trip by climbing the 2nd highest mountain of Oceania.

The next day, we left for the summit of Carstenz Pyramid at 5 am. After a hike of about an hour, we arrived at the start of the actual climb. From there on we climbed another 500 m to the summit. Just before we reached the summit, it started snowing.

During the descent, the snow turned into rain. When we got back to basecamp in the evening, we were soaking wet.


  • Name: Carstensz Pyramid, Puncak Jaya

  • Altitude: 4884 m

  • Location: Papua, Indonesia

  • Coordinates: 04° 05’ 00’’ S, 137° 11’ 00’’ E

  • Summit reached: 4th August, 2007

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