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Motivational speaking

The only way is up

Mountaineering is pushing yourself to the extreme and that requires lots of persistence. In my talks, I share the lessons I've learned in the death zone and explain how these lessons can be applied at work and in private life.

In the death zone, above 8000 meters, it is lethal to pursue the wrong goals. And holding on to the original plan while the weather circumstances have changed, can mean you will not reach the summit.

Climbing an 8000 meter giant is a team challenge. Your life can depend on the other members of your expedition team. From experience, I know that it is better to build a divers team, in which all necessary skills are represented.

The death zone is a dangerous environment. Every step can be your last one. You can mitigate risks, but a certain amount of risk is an essential part of every challenge. Without risks, you will miss out on a lot of opportunities that life can offer you. On the road to the summit, not all circumstances will be under your control. But how you respond to these circumstances, is your choice.

To become a better mountaineer, you need to be prepared to set out of your comfort zone and learn from the mistakes you have made.

I explain how I've applied my experience as a transformation manager in mountaineering, and the other way around. Both careers strengthen each other and you will be on the front row to learn from my experiences. In this fascinating lecture, I offer you lessons in life and new insights.

Below you can find a short version of my talk which was recorded at TEDxUHasselt.

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